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Kenton E. Biffert

Semper Fidelis

10 years ago God called me home to His Holy Catholic Church.   It is with great joy that I share the depths of the faith with you.  

4 years ago I moved my family to Austria to form my mind in the thinking of St. Thomas Aquinas.

11 years ago I became a father for the first time.

18 years ago I married my wife.


Pontifical Masters in Sacred Theology (Magna cum Laude):

Kenton is classically trained in Catholic theology, philosophy, history, literature, Scripture, and in the works of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Masters in Educational Leadership

Bachelor Education

Diploma in Theatre Performance

Diploma in Social Work

Certificate in Leadership

For Kenton's CV:  click the icon.


Married 18 years. Father of 6. 


Kenton has a myriad of experiences which all play into what he brings to his speaking:

- Theatre Director

- Author

- Playwright

- Youth Pastor 

- International Traveller

- Social Worker with homeless, prostitutes, youth, families, children, mentally ill

- Convert to the Catholic Faith

International Speaker

Kenton and his wife were featured on TV LUX in Slovakia speaking on Marriage and Family.  Kenton has also spoken in Austria and Romania on Family and taught at the International Theological Institute near Vienna.  Kenton was also a sought after speaker to teach teachers across the province of Alberta, Canada when he was teaching in the Catholic schools.

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