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Sessions for Educators:

Having taught both children and adults for 12 years, Kenton offers dynamic sessions to inspire, instruct and build up a teacher's tools for educating effectively.

Strategically Teaching Boys

This is the most sought after teaching session that Kenton has at the moment.  In this session, Kenton walks through the stages of masculinity, and then discusses the factors that are leading to the achievement level of boys decreasing. Thirdly, the session provides concrete, effective strategies to teaching boys.

Teaching Our Students to Read Critically

This session focuses on how to teach our students to read deeply and not to just skim.  In other words, to read with an analytical mind and to form educated judgments about what is being read.  Kenton has integrated the works of great minds to put together a critical reading study that leads the student deeper into the text they are engaged with.  Participants will receive a free digital copy of the study to use with their own students.

Multiple Intelligence Writing Strategies Galore!

This very interactive session looks at the struggle that students have with writing and then spends the rest of the session going through the various ways that students learn and providing strategy after strategy of how to teach writing in a way that works.

Can You Hear Your Student's Voice?

In his Masters Degree in Education, Kenton studied the elements needed to increase student achievement in writing.   One key element that arose was the student's voice.  The stronger the voice of the student, the stronger the writing will be.  The question is then: how do we teach 'voice' to our students?  Kenton provides a plethora of strategies all geared to increasing student voice in writing.  

Drama isn't a Class, it's a Teaching Tool

Come prepared to learn through movement.  In this highly interactive session, Kenton demonstrates how to use the body in drama not only to teach subjects like math and language arts, but to also use drama as an assessment for learning tool.

Beauty as the Goal of Education

This session jumps back to the ancients and looks at what the goal of education was for Aristotle.  Aristotle insists a society must educate for leisure.  In other words, we need to educate our children to enjoy times of leisure well.  To neglect this duty brings about the downfall of a culture.  Come away with your thoughts provoked and strategies for teaching for leisure.

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