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Evangelism Through Story

Artist in Residence

Kenton offers a full week (or longer) Artist in Residence program for schools.  

If you're a teacher looking to add the fine arts to your curriculum, Kenton can spend a week dramatizing your curriculum where the students begin to learn with their bodies.   This includes not only learning through movement, but also learning to assess using the dramatic arts. 

Further, choose the values and faith elements you want to integrate and Kenton will make sure it happens!

"Kenton Biffert is an immensely talented director. I had the privilege of being his assistant director in 2013. He inspires his actors to deliver performances that exceed expectations, while always maintaining the utmost respect and patience for his cast and crew. I have seen three of Kenton's productions, and each has left the audience amazed. It goes beyond an appreciation of high quality work and is an acknowledgement that something transformative has occurred."

- Megan Salyn, Teacher

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