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Sessions on the Family:

God's Plan for the Family

Kenton E. Biffert will walk through Pope St. John Paul II's powerful message to the family.  Using Ephesians 5, Kenton will show how the great Sacrament of marriage is that echo of Christ's relationship to His Church.  Inasmuch as our Catholic marriages are faithful, free, total, and fruitful they reflect the covenant that Christ has made with us.  The importance of this? Every time someone meets our Catholic marriages and families, they can be moved one step closer to Christ.  Thus, "Family, be who you are!"  Kenton will provide not only theological depth, but take-home strategies to help strengthen marriage and the family.

Building Family Traditions

In this very visual session, Kenton works with the families to develop their life around the Church's liturgical calendar.  He will share how important building family traditions is, how to build them into family life, and will share the 'Biffert Liturgical Life' and how rich life can become.  Take home ideas, liturgical traditions, and traditions that will simply add beauty to the family and strengthen the unity therein.

The Role of the Spouses

Do the husband and wife have different roles in the family?  What does it mean when Pope St. John Paul II calls the man the 'head' and the woman 'the heart' of the family.  How are man and woman not only complementary, but perfect each other's natures? How does the father come to know himself through the motherhood of his wife as JPII tells us?  This session digs deep anthropologically, theologically and leaves the listeners with a solid foundation upon which to build up their marriage vocation.

Raising Our Children to be Saints

Kenton walks through the journey of raising 6 children to live holy.  The session is chalk full of stories, anecdotes, ideas, strategies and visuals.  Not only does Kenton attack the problem of driving out selfishness through discipline, but also inadvertently through story, nature, time and most definitely by becoming saints ourselves.

Parents! You are the Primary Educators!

In this talk, Kenton walks through the rich teaching of Pope Pius XI on the sacred duty that parents have in educating their children.  This inspiring session will not only challenge the listeners, but will bring a new confidence in their role as primary educators and all that in entails.  This session comes with many stories from the many years of both teaching in the publicly funded system and homeschooling.  The first part of the session looks at the role of the Church, society and the parents in education and the 2nd part walks through P. Pius' specific curriculum and methodological recommendations to parents.

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