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The Father as a Primary Educator

The Goal of this page is to engage the Father back into the act of educator and to explore various ways to do this while still living a normal, working life in western society.  

I will be providing strategies, homeschool resources, critiques and opinions that I hope will be helpful.

" By nature parents have a right to the training of their children, but with this added duty that the education and instruction of the child be in accord with the end for which by God's blessing it was begotten. Therefore it is the duty of parents to make every effort to prevent any invasion of their rights in this matter, and to make absolutely sure that the education of their children remain under their own control in keeping with their Christian duty, and above all to refuse to send them to those schools in which there is danger of imbibing the deadly poison of impiety." 

- Pope Pius XI, Divini Illius Magistri

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One strategy to reclaiming fatherhood back in western society is through the father reclaiming back his position as the primary educator in the family.  

" It must be borne in mind that most cultural and practical knowledge throughout the history of civilization has been transmitted through fathers or father-figures.  This buttressed the esteem in which they were held, and they transmitted their knowledge in person.  Skills were acquired by watching one's father, working with him, seeing the way he handled things, observing the degree of knowledge and skill he had attained as well as his limitations..."

- Alexander Mitscherlich, Society without the Father.  

The question is: How can the Father reclaim the vital role of educator with his children whilst still living in a capitalist society?

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