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Sessions for Men:

Fatherhood: the Perfection of the Masculine Nature

Kenton speaks and writes on essence of masculinity. What does it mean to be a male? What is the fulfillment of the masculine nature? What does it mean to be a biological father vs. a natural father or supernatural father? What does fatherhood entail? How should fatherhood be celebrated? These questions and more are discussed and answered.  

Raising Boys to be Fathers​

If being a father (either naturally or supernaturally) is the perfection of the male nature, then we fathers need to be raising our boys to be fathers.  This session focuses on how to do just that.

You are Made for Relationship​

This session walks through various proofs of why we are not made for autonomy, but for relationship.  It answers the 'why' behind Gaudium et Spes 24:3, to wit, that we will never find ourselves until we make a sincere gift of ourselves.  This session is heavy in St. JPII's Theology of the Body and follows his logic through the 4 levels of relationship.

Develop a Rite of Passage 

Kenton teaches on developing a rite of passage for our sons.  Possibilities of what it could look like, and the importance of having a rite of passage into manhood.

How to Dad


Kenton teaches passionately on the fulfilment of nature found in being a father. He challenges fathers 'to Dad' by design.  In other words, not to let fatherhood just happen, but to put significant thought and planning into fathering.  This comes with a series of hands-on ideas and many stories of Kenton's experiences in fathering.

Empowering Men

Kenton challenges men: to an intellectual worship, studying to show themselves approved, pursuing the difficult, taking risks, following your dream, rising to purity, and raising their sons not just to be men, but to fatherhood. 

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