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Homeschool Resources

Why We Homeschool:

1.  We want our children socialized by passionate Catholics and other children and families that have the same values as us.

2.  We hate mediocrity.  Our children must gain mastery of every concept before moving ahead to the next.

3.  We want a curriculum that is not dumbed down, but is challenging and brings in the classics rather than modern socialist feminist agenda driven texts.

4.  We want to give our children a classical education that focuses on the 'tools of learning' (i.e.: reading, writing, speaking, thinking) from which they can learn whatever they desire.

5.  We want our children to learn their mother tongue - Latin, the mother tongue of our Catholic Church (and the foundation of all the romantic languages).

6.  We know our children's strengths, how they learn, and desire to learn along with them.

7.  We are not afraid of conflicts.  We know that conflicts arise between parents and their children when homeschooling, but we run not from them.  We embrace it and work through it and end up closer because of it.

8.  We want the teachings of the Catholic Church to be the crown and footstool of their education.

9.  We are not big on wasting time.  The children get done a full day's work by 1pm and then have a ton of free time to play outside.

10.  No make work projects - every assignment is worth doing.

Critical Thinking Novel Study:

I developed this novel study (to be used with any novel) off of Mortimer Adler's How to read a book.  It has a grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric stage that bring the student to critical understanding of what was read.  Copy and use at will.

Worksheets for the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Mass:

There are many worksheets available for the Novus Ordo Mass, but we attend a Latin Mass so I've started making worksheets for the children to complete.  Please use and copy at will.

Season After Epiphany:
Season of Septuagesima
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