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Aquinas Lenten Retreat 2017

Men's Aquinas Lenten Retreat
Men's Aquinas Lenten Retreat
Apr 07, 2017, 6:00 p.m.
2050 Rideau Rd Unit 2
24 hours for prayer, fasting, guided study and fraternal discussion.

Friday, April 7th


Begin Fast on Friday April 7th at 5pm (fasting is optional)


6 – 7pm:     Arrival

7:15:           Waupoos Farm Orientation.  Sign up for Adoration vigil begins.

7:45:           Session #1: Christ’s Passion                            

9:00:           Evening Prayers in the chapel

9:30:           Bonfire

11:00          Adoration Vigil begins


Saturday, April 8th


7am:         Morning Prayers and rosary in the chapel


7:30-9:30: Silence.  Time for adoration, prayer, reading


9:30:          Session #2:  Christ’s Death, Burial and Descent into Hell

11:00:        Silence till 1pm. Time for prayer, reading, etc.

Noon:       One apple/person if needed.  Water, coffee, tea available.

1pm:         Session #3:  The Effects of the Passion

3pm:         Divine Mercy Chaplet

3:30:          Confession and Holy Mass

5:00:          Fast Ends. BBQ.


Cost:  $95

  • includes: lodging at Waupoos Family Farm and final bbq.  


Sessions will be a mix of seminar and lecture.  The readings will be provided so they can be read prior to the sessions (during the free quiet time).



- Technological devices are discouraged, but not prohibited.

- Fasting is optional, but encouraged. If you are not fasting bring your own food.

- Bring: sleeping bag, pillow, alarm clock.

- Rooms will be 1 room/person unless requested otherwise

- Young men who have received confirmation are welcome as well.

$95 to be paid to Waupoos Family Farm via email transfer to, cheque or cash by April 1st, 2017.


Kenton E. Biffert MEd, STM

Kenton has two masters' degrees and was classically trained in the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas at the Pontifical International Theological Institute.  Kenton is a dynamic teacher with 13 years of teaching and presenting to all ages.  

David McPike, PhD

David completed a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Ottawa in 2015 with a thesis explaining Thomas Aquinas's account of the change that takes place in the Eucharistic consecration, and defending that account against the critique of another thirteenth century Dominican master of theology, Dietrich of Freiberg. David is married to Theresa. They have been blessed with six children so far.

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