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Parish Missions

Kenton is a dynamic speaker and offers various 3-day parish missions to choose from.   Kenton, with a pontifical Masters in Sacred Theology, a Masters in Education, and a diploma in Theatre Performance can provide a parish mission that reaches everyone.  With his training in the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas, Kenton will plumb  the depths of the Catholic faith, inspire people to change, and deliver the Catholic Truth with passion.  

Design your parish mission based on the needs of your parish. Together with Kenton, develop a theme and a mission that will not only meet the needs of the parish, but also reach all the age groups.  

Design Your Parish Mission

Parish Mission

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Advent Mission Themes
  • The Incarnation:
    a three day dramatized walk through the first 700 years of Christianity as the Church struggles to define and understand the mystery of the incarnation and at the same time debunking the various heresies. 

    The third session ends with a powerful synthesis of meaning and depth of the incarnation for our own salvation and the participants leave with a real heart understanding of the majesty of the incarnation and the majesty of our salvation.

  • Choosing the Road Less Travelled:
    a three day journey to a closer relationship with Christ. 

    • Day 1: Kenton's inspirational conversion story and the difficult journey it became.​

    • Day 2: Life is a Choice :Using St. Thomas Moore as the model, Kenton walks through the choices we have of living a life of security or one of difficulty.  Do we walk the road less travelled? Or are we on the main highway of materialism? What are the risks? Is the journey worth it?  Is the road less travelled for everyone?

    • Day 3: Deepening Knowledge and Perfecting Charity - strategies to move a step closer to following the desires God has placed on your heart and the self-mastery to do it.

Lenten mission
Lent Mission Themes
  • The Passion:
    a three day journey with St. Thomas Aquinas deepening our understanding of the thoroughness of Christ's suffering, His descent into hell, and our call to follow in His footsteps. 

  • The Call to Perfection:
    a three day journey to our vocation of holiness. 

    • Day 1: What is love? What is charity?  Can we grow in charity?

    • Day 2: Where am I on the journey? Purgative way, illuminative way, or unitive way?

    • Day 3: Perfecting charity through the evangelical councils: how do we grow in charity? does charity actually increase in us? can we lose charity? can we perfect our charity?

For a full description of the three days please request a Mission Package.

Specific Mission Sessions for youth:

Kenton was a youth pastor for 5 years in his protestant days, was a director of a youth summer camp, developed a youth leadership program, worked homeless youth, addicted youth, teen prostitutes, was employed as a parent/youth counsellor, taught youth in the school system and worked them in prisons, group homes and secure facilities.  Kenton has worked with First Nations youth both on and off the reserves, within First Nation programs, Friendship centres and summer camps. 

Common topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Theology of the Body

  • Discerning Vocations

  • Hot Seat - dialogue over the difficult questions

  • Preparing oneself to be one that someone will want to marry

youth mission
Specific Mission Sessions for children:

Kenton was a children’s pastor for 5 years in his protestant days.  In that time, he developed and ran a program evangelizing 500 children per week.  Kenton as taught at the elementary level for 7 years, directed $30,000 theatre productions with children as the actors, and has 6 of his own children whom are his primary mission field.


Kenton's favourite character is Sir Benedict.  He is a Knight of the Cross, commissioned by the Pope to fight evil and ends up in many dangerous situations. 


The stories are made up on the spot with the help of the children and dramatized as well.  Appropriate for ages 6 and up.  

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