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  • Kenton E. Biffert

Missionaries on Waupoos Farm

After an intense 4 years taking a Pontifical Masters degree at the International Theological Institute in Austria, my wife and I had to look at the next stage of our family's life. We had our list wish to be sure. We needed to be in a place where we could homeschool freely. As well, we desired to do serve Our Lord and His Church together as a family, live in community and preferably on a farm. And, I wanted to pursue a doctorate in Catholic theology. Can all this come together? Especially, when the funds have run out?

God comes through again.

Here are we are Waupoos Farm Ontario, Canada. We are back to home country and working at a Catholic mission to low-income families. All summer, and throughout the year, we host low-income families for farm vacations and spiritual retreats. Together as a family, with two other families, my children get ample opportunities to be Christ to those around them. And yet it doesn't end there! Ottawa happens to be one of the only two places in all of Canada where I can graduate with a doctorate in Catholic Theology.

God is very good.

And to top it all off, we have a chapel with the Blessed Sacrament and have permission to engage in Eucharistic Adoration!

So together, as a small community, we learn to Pray. Work. Play.

What is the key?


Trust in a Great God and Great Wife.

When I had the choice to move home from Austria and easily find ourselves with a house, job and car - in other words 'stability' - I was very tempted. But I wouldn't have been following my heart. My wife Rebecca insisted that it was more important that I follow my dreams, then to provide us with security and that she would follow and support me.

So, with much prayer and many doors opened by God we leapt off the cliff.

Taking risks is never easy. Difficulty piles up everywhere. Satan hates it. Discouragement bangs on your doorstep. But we have peace.

"All things work together for good for those who love the Lord." Rom. 8:28

And through all of this: We Pray. We Work. We Play.

Deo Gratias.


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