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  • Kenton E. Biffert

Homosexuality Emasculates

The complimentarity between a man and a woman is a beautiful thing. In many ways do they accent each other, augment each other and push each other to grow. One of these areas is in the sex drive. For males, their sex drive is a constant fire burning low, simmering, and that can be awakened at the smallest breeze. For a woman, her libido rises and falls not with outward appearances, but as she experiences an intimacy with her beloved. This complimentary situation is key to making a boy a man. If we define a 'real man' as one who has self-mastery, then his sex drive and the inability to satisfy it at a moment's whim is key.

Let 's explore this further:

In a homosexual relationship we have two men with similar sex drives. Both can be aroused easily and pleasured just as quickly. What does this life style do to a man? It emasculates him. Where is the necessity for self-mastery that one would find in a natural relationship between a man and woman? It isn't needed, at least not to the extent that you would find in a marriage (marriage of course meaning the covenant relationship between a man and a woman). Consider a husband whose wife is pregnant ... perhaps she has morning sickness or other difficulties, it may be 6-8 months before the couple is intimate even once. This type of situation teaches a male to be a man. He must learn to master the testosterone flowing through his veins, his thought life, the fantasies and all that follows when a man isn't able to have sexual intimacy for so long.

Now one may argue, and I hear my protestant brothers exclaiming loudly, that a wife can simply pleasure a man without there needing to be a consummation of the relationship. This is true. And this also emasculates a man. In a way, it is similar to homosexuality wherein the point is simply to get relief and pleasure. Whereas, in the Catholic understanding of the conjugal act, sexual intimacy is a holy act wherein one gifts himself to his beloved and this gifting is reciprocated. The act is not an act of using the other for pleasure, but a fulfillment of the love between them.

And this is why feminism fights so hard for the homosexual cause, to wit, it makes men effeminate. The question is, what woman would want to marry an effeminate man? Ugh.

The conclusion is simple: a man's sex drive in all its battle and ferociousness is a gift from God to lead a man to self-mastery. Take this away by teaching masturbation is fine, by promoting gay sodomite relations or by using birth control and you emasculate the man. You remove his number one means to self mastery, to becoming a 'real man'.

semper fidelis,


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