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Sessions on the Teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas

" ... the principles of philosophy laid down by St. Thomas Aquinas are to be religiously and inviolably observed, because they are the means of acquiring such a knowledge of creation as is most congruent with the Faith; of refuting all the errors of all the ages, and of enabling man to distinguish clearly what things are to be attributed to God and to God alone ... We therefore desired that all teachers of philosophy and sacred theology should be warned that if they deviated so much as a step, in metaphysics especially, from Aquinas, they exposed themselves to grave risk."  St. Pope Pius X, Doctoris Angelici

St. Thomas Aquinas in the Family

Kenton, in this session, touches the surface of the depth of the teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas with the purpose of integrating this right way of thinking into our family life.  As St. Thomas is advocated by many Popes to be taught in our schools, homes and universities, it is important to find a way to begin to do this.  This session focuses on the language we use with our children and how the right language can lead to right thinking.  It also gives an introduction to right anthropology so that questions on 'gender fluidity' and 'transgender' can be properly discussed and answered.  This is an important and timely session for Catholics in modern society.

St. Thomas Aquinas on the Eucharist

One of the greatest take-aways in studying St. Thomas was his questions on the Holy Eucharist.  If one has a right understanding of nature, one can understand the reality of transubstantiation to greater degree.  This session will explicate his teaching on the Holy Eucharist and provide a working strategy for explaining the fittingness of this Mystery of mysteries to your children and youth. 

St. Thomas Aquinas on the Existence of God

This session is a classic and walks through the 5 proofs of God as outlined by St. Thomas.  It is a great session as training for those who have 'faith seeking understanding' and want the tools to back up their faith in discussions and debates.

St. Thomas Aquinas on following the evangelical councils of poverty, chastity and obedience

In this session, Kenton will walk through St. Thomas' teaching on the perfection of charity in our lives.  For those discerning their vocation or those who already know their vocation, all are called to the perfection of charity in their lives and the evangelical councils are tools Christ has provided to help us get there.

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